Dates for Diaries

Autumn Term 2009
7th September to
24th October

2nd November to
18th December

Long term plans
  • To provide a safe, secure and happy environment for children, parents, carers and staff.
  • To learn through constructive plaY in a fun way.
  • To explore and experience the world around them provoking curiosity.
  • To aid personal, social and emotional development, gaining in confidence and in independence.
  • To become self confident, to care and respect and value themselves and others.
  • To enjoy and value the time we share together, giving all children equal opportunities.
  • To welcome children with special needs and do all we can to aid their play and development.
  • To provide activities to cover all areas of development, with a variety of equipment and projects to extend these as the child progresses.
  • To share with parents achievements and attainments.
  • To respect confidentiality.
During the time shared with us we aim for the children to become proficient in a variety of skills. Our curriculum is planned to give opportunities and experiences to meet these goals.

  • To be able to converse, question and give explanation.
  • To share, enjoy companionship, to initiate and join in games.
  • To understand right from wrong.
  • To respect value and care for self and others.
  • To become independent.
  • To listen, tell and join in stories and discussions.
  • To recall incidents and activities in sequence.
  • To enjoy books and read for pleasure and information.
  • To be aware text carries meaning.
  • To recognise own name and be able to write it and other letter names and sounds.
  • To hold a pencil correctly.
  • To draw a man including the body and features.
  • To copy and devise patterns.
  • To learn the various sizes eg big, medium and small.
  • To recognise shapes and their names.
  • To count by rota 1-5 and then backwards.
  • To count by rota 1-10 and then backwards.
  • To recognise numbers and their meanings.
  • To count out and have understandings 0-5, 0-10
  • To construct models using different materials and by different ways.
  • To do simple insert puzzles and to extend further.
  • To problem solve.
  • To be able to do simple repetitive patterns.
  • To observe the world around them.
  • To be aware of other people’s cultures and beliefs.
  • To observe and record in drawings.
  • To explore and experiment with medium textures, sand, water etc.
  • To be aware of a variety of materials ie metal, wood, plastic, china and glass.
  • To recognise past, present and future experiences.
  • To use scissors and a variety of tools correctly.
  • To recognise and name colours ie primary and then to extend on further.
  • To be able to mix colours using a variety of colours.
  • To enjoy and show a sense of rhythm with body and musical instruments.
  • To be able to discuss and explore their senses.
  • To show and use their imagination in role play etc.
  • To join in play action games ie What’s the time Mr Wolf.
  • To be able to sing nursery rhymes and re-tell a simple poem.
  • To be able to use large physical equipment with awareness of safety.
  • To be able to run, skip, hop etc.
  • To be able to use fine motor equipment to promote hand and eye co ordination.
  • The children should be able to follow simple instructions and observe rules.