Dates for Diaries

Autumn Term 2009
7th September to
24th October

2nd November to
18th December

Hygiene and safety
Our main rule inside pre-school is if we consider it safe for your child and other children you may do it.

Equipment is checked daily and is for children of this age group (we also assess suitable for each group of children). The children are encouraged to use all the equipment safely and an explanation is given if they are seen to misuse it.

Exit and fire doors are locked from the inside to prevent access to others unless let in by us. Unknown persons are required to show identification.

In case of fire a notice is displayed in the Village Hall on the notice board and a fire drill takes place weekly on different days. We refer to this as the "Exit Game" so the children are not alarmed.

Basic hygiene rules are followed, such as hand washing after visiting the toilet and before handling food.

We ask you not to send your children to pre-school with contagious ailments and to acknowledge recommended isolation periods. If you are unsure please ask. We observe recommendations of our health visitor but do not wish to exclude children unnecessarily.